Review the Tweets from around 9 PM on Wednesday 9/12/18 for what I’d like you to reflect on for the blog. Check the #LTEC6010 to find it.

“Reflect heavily on how technology impacts communications and what the consequences are.”



The twitter/tweets session on September 12 was quite interesting. This technology is new to me.  I had opened my account in Jan/Feb 2018. I only used the account a handful of times for class. With this class, LTEC 6010, this is the first time that I have tweeted with so many inputs. My impression of the class was that it was hard to follow and I was more focused on how to respond to the questions instead of understanding the discussion. I felt that it was a free for all.

I tried to answer about 4 of the posted questions. Since I am a novice to Twitter, I found it hard to get my bearings an navigate around the site. If I had more hands on experience with Twitter, the responses may have been more substantive. I think that if there were 2 questions versus 5 the discussion would have been more focused. I do have to admit that I don’t use social media (Twitter, Facebook, …) at all, except that I do IM at work only on occasion. Most of the time I am working in one or more applications of Microsoft Office and many times I miss seeing that I have received a message until hours later.

My primary form of communication is usually through emails and phone calls. Sometimes it is frustrating using some of the applications, because it takes more effort to type out each of my responses.  I usually can cover more ground in a conversation when talking on the phone or face-to-face. I can get all of the information I need through a phone call than through typing. Many times, right in the middle of typing a message, I stop and realize that I’m not productive enough as it takes a lot more effort to sending short typed messages. When I get frustrated I call the person I have been sending text or emails to, and I call them to complete the conversation.

Technology has accelerated our communication skills, but sometimes I think that it can be very distracting. This in-turn causes me to constantly refocus on the typing communication process and thus taking my attention away from the job at hand. This situation impacts both the job productivity as well as the staccato messages back and forth. I don’t think that I would see much improvement even though I significantly increase my typing speed.

Each of these interruptions, emails or IMs, require that I stop focusing on what I’m working on and re-focusing on the communication stream. This is that back and forth staccato activity. Not everyone can consistently and effectively multitask with consistent success. One or the other tasks will suffer after a short while. So in many ways all of the conveniences afforded by the new technologies can and do cause divided focus and can result in being less effective and productive. However, some of my opinion is a result of me not being exposed to these many new technologies in my early childhood. I have been slowly acquiring the necessary skills to use the different applications as I need them in my daily life.


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