Think about how you may apply qualitative data and CMDA in particular as a component of either your dissertation or another study and be prepared to discuss next week.



I have received a taste of applying qualitative data analysis in my previous course work. I constructed a set of questions based on the evaluations, given to learners, at the end of each of their courses. This approach is more or less a reverse engineering of those questions given to the learners. I want to understand how an instructional designer would develop their course(s) based on those questions given to the learners at the conclusion of the instruction delivery. I wasn’t sure that each of the instructional designers understood if they considered how their course content would impact each learner.

In light of the use of CMDA to analyze each of the instructional designer’s approach to course designs, I would like to understand if they took into consideration the connections between the course content and outcomes. This early in this course I have an inkling into the CMDA process. My understanding is that CMDA will analyze the collected qualitative data based on the verbal use of language and communication when responding to the survey questions. My first impression is that this will be a difficult task as I think that I’ll need a check sheet guide in order to grasp the concepts. If the process is very complex I hope that there are enough examples and samples of other qualitative analysis so that I have a guide to draw from which will improve my chances for a successful analysis. My concern is that unlike the straight forward approaches using quantitative analysis – the rack and stack methods, reading into the responses of the survey questions appears to be a daunting task. However, I’m eager to make a go of this process.


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