Write a reflection on the synchronous class discussion regarding the readings from this week.



This weeks synchronous meeting was somewhat confusing to me in that I’m unsure of myself to be able to effectively identify the different elements of CMDA analysis. I’m not sure if this process is a global approach or a focused application. In some of the articles that I read the focus was on linguistics and the use of specific words. I think that I would become more comfortable after I have conducted several CMDA analysis assignments. I hope that this process is not require a unique set of skills based on one or more complex process methods.

In the qualitative process, that I am pulling forward from the Spring 2018 semester, I am conducting the coding of the responses of those individuals who participated in my study. My initial effort in the coding process did not go well in that I was repeating some of the comments made by the individual. I hope I’m not making this process more complicated than it needs to be. If the CMDA analysis is broad-based I hope I can understand some of the approaches so that I can at lease be able to use these methods going forward in my subsequent studies. The take-away from the online meeting is that there are many approaches to take when analyzing qualitative data. I hope we can establish and practice some of these methods so we can become proficient in these processes.


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