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What was the experience of doing the shared coding of the video as a whole group like?



Conducting a coding process as a class was very helpful versus attempting this task on my own. In a teaming environment we have our own impressions and understanding of what we are observing. As a result, we are able to see a greater view from the coding process. The exchange of ideas helped me to see the different overall perspective then if I had attempted the task on my own.

Since this class is my first exposure to conducting a qualitative study, I had some reservations related to being successful applying these concepts.  I have used qualitative analysis techniques in many of my tasks at work where I analyze measurement data and conduct a ‘rack-and-stack’ analysis for process metrics. The process of coding the interview results of a qualitative study is more difficult in that I don’t have the experience and it is a much different approach than with quantitative analysis techniques.

I need to gain a better understanding of conducting qualitative studies. It will take some time to gain the experience by conducting many qualitative studies. Once I have worked through several/many of these studies it will help me to develop the skills needed to conduct the interviews and to properly code and analyze the collected data. I will need to look for opportunities to conduct qualitative analysis studies in order to build on these skills. I think that conducting a study as a class and/or teams within a class is beneficial so that each of us benefit from a collaborative experience instead of stumbling through the process on our own.


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