LTEC 6040_Wk15_Bonus_Blog


  • What you have learned doing this study?
  • Potential implications for your research
  • What further information or research could be studied beyond this project? e.g. your “Future Research” paper section.


The focus on my research study is how instructional designers approach their curriculum designs. Some of the interesting findings include: the approach the instructional designers take when they start their development process and the lack of direct feedback from the learners concerning the design content. The designers have a design template they follow to establish the overall structure of the course, but they are able to use their creativity when developing the specific internal content of the course. In relation to the lack of feedback from the learners, the instructional designers are usually left to wonder about the impact and effectiveness of the course. When the designers do receive feedback, they usually receive it from the instructors.

Once I complete my study in qualitative research, I hope to provide some measurable process improvement measures back to the training and development organization. These improvements will help with the overall effectiveness of the future course designs and updates.


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