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How useful do you find the open source tools for learning? Is it your personal preference that drives this or the affordances open educational resources? How would being open impact the way you might teach or learn, e.g. Open Textbooks, open educational resources (OERs), Open Courses, etc. What are some of the considerations, challenges, and/or guidelines you would need to know more about before you are an open educator in digital learning environments?


I have not engaged much at all in open source tools for learning. I have previewed a number of open educational resources (OERs). My overall opinion was that the content was well done, but since I didn’t have a compelling interest in the course content I had a low level of engagement. It turns out that I was only casually interested in some of the content layout and structure.

In David Wiley’s post “When is an OER on OER?” (Wiley, 2018), he elaborates on the ‘free’ aspects of an OER curriculum design. The user is ‘free’ to use the course for their personal needs, however that freedom has its limitations. There is the additional consideration of “free access plus permissions” definition (Wiley, 2018, p. 2).

The overall concern of the author is that the course content remains in its original OER environment. If an individual downloads the OER content for their personal use where there is limited access by anyone then the content ceases to be free. The users that have access to this curriculum content may be subjected to minor and major changes to it original content design.  With these actions the OER course may be a different design with different outcomes.



Wiley, D., (2018). When is an OER an OER? Retrieved from:


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