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How was it like to design a video for a blended learning course?

We did not work on designing a video for a blended learning course. However, based on past experience with teaching and course content development I have answered the following questions. 

Answer the following questions to describe the learning design process:

  • How do you effectively use video in a blended learning course? Specifically, how do we know if and how learners are engaging with this material? Do these videos result in developing understanding and if so, how do we know?


In a blended environment, I would use some video at key parts of the course design. The primary content would be an interactive power point presentation as a course guide. I would intersperse questions throughout the presentation materials to capture the student’s engagement in the course content. The videos would be used to provide a deeper understanding of the key course concepts.


  • How do you engage experts in a blended learning video without having them lecture about domain knowledge?


The use of experts in a video presentation must be carefully selected. The course developer must find the right video content that supports the outcomes of the curriculum design. If the video is too highly academic for the curriculum outcomes, the assignment to watch the video would be a detractor for the course objectives.


  • How do you take a difficult concept and create a learning video to promote class discussion?


The difficult concept(s) must be evaluated with respect to the intentional and expected outcomes of the instruction. Once these outcomes are defined a series of situations and questions can be depicted in the video to kickoff a class discussion about the presented content.



  • How do you model a decision-making process using video to lead students through the process without overloading them? If students need to see a complicated demonstration, how do you create a video asset that allows them to practice and apply the process?


The process developed and captured in the video would provide content that would provide guidance through a complex process. The complex content would be delivered in small increments to allow the students adequate time to work through and master the intended outcome(s) of the process.


  • How do you sequence in video content in a blended online course?


I would use an interactive PPT that would provide the high level sequencing format for the course. The video content would be interspersed at key locations of the training content. This multi-media approach will serve to provide better engagement for the student as it will provide interactive content.


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