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How Did You Learn to Design Online? What is your personal perspective on the best manner of designing instruction for online teaching and learning? What is your process? Does it match any existing methods? If so, which? How did you learn to design instruction? Does your process for designing instruction match your larger theoretical perspective? Where is it the same? Where does it diverge?


I remember designing an online course in one of my Master’s degree classes??? It has been a while so I don’t remember much about it. One thing I do remember is there was not much guidance so I had to figure much of it on my own. It was good that there were examples and other resources to draw from which enabled me to complete the project/assignment. Years ago, I did create computer-based training classes related to an engineering software application. The process that I used to create the course content was based on how each of the engineers would use the application for their process of managing and maintaining their drawing designs.

The best approach to designing an online course is to understand the material that will be presented. Once I become familiar with subject materials, I would begin to determine the outcome expectations. From the outcomes I would work backwards through the content to develop the course.

Some of the links provided for week 11 will be helpful in providing guidelines for an effective course design. From the OLC Quality Scorecard website there are tools provided for the instructional designer that are guidelines for creating and distributing curriculum designs. There are five comprehensive benchmarking tools to guide the course developer while creating the course contents. These guidelines are presented as (OLC, 2018): administration of online programs, blended learning programs, quality course teaching and instructional practice, OSCQR course design review, and digital courseware instruction practice. The website provide a separate PDF resource document for each of the five guidelines.

On the Quality Matters website there are a significant number of resources available for the curriculum developer. I like that the site provides the following resources (Quality, 2018): foundational research, a community of members link, rubrics and standards, peer review resources, and professional development. These resources are a great resource for the novice and experienced instructional designers. I have located several resources that I can use for my future projects.




OLC, (2018). Introducing the OLC Quality Scorecard Suit. Online Learning Consortium. Retrieved from:

Quality Matters (2018). Helping you deliver on your online promise. Quality Matters. Retrieved from:


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