LTEC 6040_Wk 16_Blog


Reflect on your experiences of applying theory and practice to online learning research this past semester in LTEC 6040. Reflect on your experiences this term as they relate to the following:

  • Online instruction and your personal theory of online learning;
  • The relationship between your personal theory of online learning and your professional/academic goals/research interests;
  • Where you think online learning is headed in the future; and
  • Lessons learned to support your academic progress as an online learner.



The initial approach to my personal theory of online learning was a challenge until I had completed studies into the various types and applications. I was able to establish that my approach was constructivist as it directly relates to my focus on learning applications in industry. The focus on the learner is how they construct meaning and make sense of their learning with the interaction of other learners.

Since most of the instructional designs that I’m familiar with are for a traditional F2F classroom delivery, I envision that I can provide guidance and direction to expand the course delivery methods. I would like to see improvements in the design of instruction where it is equally usable in the classroom and on the job. This means that the content will need to be developed for F2F, online and blended delivery environments.

Online learning designs will continue to grow in the future. The methods of delivery will move to any and all digital electronic devices. The learning content must be made available at the point of use for the learner, this includes the classroom as well as at the job site.

The lessons that I’ve learned in this course are the many challenges and obstacles that need to be addressed in order to deliver effective and efficient training content to the learner. In today’s work environment, there is a mix of generations and skill sets that add to the challenges of curriculum delivery. Additionally, there is a major challenge of capturing the knowledge and skills of the more experienced workers and pass these capabilities to the newer employees.


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