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With immersive and interactive learning environments, there are new ways to engage learners with mixed media and varying realities. The opportunities games, simulations and augmented/virtual reality offer a promise for ways to enhance learning/teaching experiences. That being said, what are some of the challenges for adoption? What considerations for learning design will you need to think about before using any of these technologies for either an educational or training setting? How can the use of these devices and various software programs enhance or scaffold your pedagogy and offer a way to engage learners in creative or experiential learning environments?


Much of instructional designs are focused on face-to-face (F2F), online, and blended environments. The implementation and integration of new technologies in learning environments is slowly gaining acceptance and being designed in some courses. Much of this integration is slow as there are new paradigms that introduce roadblocks and challenges for the instructional designer(s).

There is much discussion of the many promises when integrating these new technologies into a course curriculum. However, the development of these capabilities is slowly catching on as examples of these designs are starting to appear in training environments.

An area of interest for me is the development and use of augmented reality within an industrial environment. Although I can envision how this new technology can enhance the process capabilities on the job, there are a number of challenges that must be addressed. One challenge is the return on investment measurements on the job after all of the development costs have been accounted for. Management does not want more bells and whistles, they want to see the impact on the bottom line.

Another challenge is the impact on personal privacy. Using this new technology will be able to record and measure all aspects of the user’s activities and there are concerns about how the recording of these activities will impact the accountability of the individual (Craig & Georgieva, 2018). There are many new issues of concern when adopting new technologies in the workplace environment. Like any other new thing that is introduced in our lives, it takes time to work through the various challenges that surface.



Craig, E. & Georgieva, M., (2018). VR and AR: The ethical challenge ahead. Transforming Higher Ed. Retrieved from:


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