LTEC 6040_Wk10_Blog

Blog Week 10:


In thinking about your instructional practices, how does accessibility and universal design impact your work? How is the design of online instruction impacted by universal design and accessibility? What are things we need to consider for effective digital design for all learners? What have you learned from your research in-class with your team? What have you learned from your peer presentations on this topic? Please share your thoughts in this week’s blog.


On accessibility, the challenge is to provide the course design to support the needs of the student. I can see where this would be a significant challenge, depending on the accessibility need. I would think that some of the basics would be covered in the original course design related to the layout and ease of navigation through out the course materials. Even though I have developed courses in the past, I never thought to consider the accessibility of the content. In any of my future designs I will need to research which capabilities are required to meet the accessibility requirements.

Based on the accessibility checklist handout in class, this provides a good guidance for developing course content. This checklist is a great help with respect to addressing some of the needs for those with certain disabilities. I’m surprised that this content is not required earlier in the bachelor’s or master’s degree programs. This checklist is the first I’ve seen of these guidelines.

This checklist serves to be helpful with guidelines for standardized universal design of the course and communication content. Since most of the checklist content is supportive of Microsoft applications, I’ll keep this list for future reference. Even though there is more work involved to establish this type of standardized content, by using these guidelines in an instructional design the course is useable across a larger audience.


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