Produce three topics of inquiry, with at least three subtopics each. Have a paragraph explaining why you think each is an important and necessary topic.



Topic of Inquiry – 1

Study: In the digitized world of technology of today, how do instructional designers (ID) approach curriculum designs – focused on F2F, online, and/or blended?


  1. Discuss the IDs training in course design – focus on the design construct
  2. ID curriculum design content requirements and restrictions
  3. ID curriculum design construct preference versus job task requirements


Topic’s importance:

With all of the new technologies available today for incorporation into course designs, it is important for the ID to understand the impact that their design has on their audience/student. Since the cost to produce curriculum content can be expensive, the course design is typically produced for many subsequent classes – economy of scale. Additionally, the IDs must consider the curriculum design to be applicable to multiple delivery contexts – F2F, online, and/or blended. Does the course design have this flexibility? Is the course design done well to be useful in all of these uses and as a post-course reference resource?



Topic of Inquiry – 2

Study: There is a major push from post-secondary schools to develop and deliver online/blended curriculum, how does the ID determine the effectiveness of the delivered content?



  1. Establish standardized metric measures for student post-instruction
  2. Observe the instructors course content delivery and student’s retention
  3. Course content and delivery effectiveness measures

Topic’s importance:

Companies and schools alike want to know the overall effectiveness of the course(s) being offered to their students. There needs to be effective measures in place to determine the overall return-on-investment (ROI) of the course. The company or school would like to determine if the curriculum design meets or exceeds the overall expected outcomes for the student as well as the company/school. The focus of these measures is the determine the effective knowledge transfer to the student – for the targeted job or task.


Topic of Inquiry – 3

Study: Focusing on the IDs formal curriculum design training, how is your course design different/the same from how you were taught?



  1. IDs design preference/approach
  2. ID curriculum design learning theory
  3. ID’s design flexibility/adaptability to fulfill course requirements


Topic’s importance:

When developing course designs it is important to understand if the IDs have the flexibility and capability to create courses to support different environments and situations. It is important to know if a designer was taught to design only F2F courses or if they were schooled in the mixed environment designs (F2F, online, & blended). If an ID develops content for a broad range of subjects, they need to be capable to support all of these demands as well as incorporating all of the subject specific content. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach will not serve the design demands of multiple subject requirements and content.


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