Write a reflection on the feedback you received from peers and the instructor. What do you agree with? Why? What do you disagree with? Why? How has this experience changed or not changed your perspective on your theory? What will you take into consideration as you prepare your research study? What will you consider to enhance your own paper before you submit it to a journal for consideration.


There were several comments from other students that were insightful that will be helpful in improving the content of my paper. I see from some of the comments that I needed to be clearer in my presentation of how I am connecting the constructivist theory to my proposed online teaching/learning. I am thinking about these comments as it relates to both my draft paper and the PPT presentation. I’m still thinking and researching through how I will construct my paper for this course.

There were several that were supportive of my research as it relates to performing a qualitative analysis of the instructional designer’s approach to course development. I do have a passion to improve the training delivery processes. I have been working to implement improvements both at work and when I am teaching a class.

Dr. Pasquini’s feedback was a great help in that I was given several references to use in the development of my research study. I will be reviewing the three references she provided. These included: ADDIE model, Kirkpatrick’s 4 levels of evaluation, and the Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition (SAMR) Model. These references will be a great help in that I have been struggling over the past few weeks trying to develop my qualitative questions. Additional suggestions were provided in the scholarly takeaway sections that included: listing and describing the participants, include details related to reduction of the cognitive load in the instruction and application of the training, and aspects related to how we learn based on the instructional design content.

It looks like I still have a lot more reading to do to better prepare for the completion for this class. Even though this class is focused on online teaching and learning processes, I am looking at training from a wholistic framework. The instructional design of a course must be such that it addresses the teaching, learning, and application content and processes. I have attended too many classes where the content was presented without the consideration of how the student would retain and use information. This is a critical concern since many of the courses that I have taken or reviewed contain some complex technical data and processes. The critical focus of the course must be the overall effectiveness for the student – can they independently and successfully complete a technical process/task based on the instructional design? This approach will address and support the constructivist approach (Creswell, 2014, p. 9):

  1. Human beings construct meanings as they engage with the world they are interpreting.
  2. Humans engage with their world and make sense of it based on their historical and social perspectives.
  3. The basic generation of meaning is always social, arising in and out of interaction with a human community.

With the upcoming literature review assignment, I will look for improvements and additive research studies to support my paper. I have already read through some of the suggested questions related to the ADDIE model. The list of questions noted on the website will be a great help for developing the list of open-ended qualitative questions. I hope to have a list of questions ready to include with the IRB application.



Creswell, J., (2014). Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications Inc.


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