Peer review and feedback are common scholarly practices. When you submit a manuscript to a journal you are guaranteed to get input from the editor and peer reviewers. This is often blind and anonymous in nature, and not unlike the type of feedback we offered in tonight’s class meeting. Write a reflection on the feedback you received from peers and the instructor. What do you agree with? Why? What do you disagree with? Why? How has this experience changed or not changed your perspective on your theory? What will you take into consideration as you prepare your research study? What will you consider to enhance your own paper before you submit it to a journal for consideration.



I completed five peer feedback reviews of the students in the class.  The content of their personal online learning/teaching theory presentations were well done. I will be presenting my draft paper in class next week.  One of the key things I noted in the other presentations is the focus on each student’s learning theory approaches for their research.  Each of them provided detailed descriptions of their theoretical approaches to their research.  The only issues that I noted was the size and type of their research questions.  For this class the number of questions and individuals participating in their research is of concern for a single semester.  Additionally, using a mixed method approach that includes both quantitative and qualitative questions is a major undertaking.

The class discussion and instructor’s inputs have been helpful to help us to narrow our research focus to a manageable task for the remainder of this semester. This blog is somewhat premature as I have not presented my draft personal online learning/teaching theory yet, but when I do and receive feedback, I’ll update and complete this blog post.


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