Osborne_LTEC6040_Wk4_Research Elevator Pitch/Speech_Blog


Develop a 1-2 minute elevator speech


  • Title of your study

Research how instructional designers develop curriculum designs that are multi-use for F2F, online, OJT, and reference


  • Focus or purpose of the project – the “so what” of the study

Using open-ended qualitative questions, the study will gather insights into instructional designer’s design approaches for multi-use purposes. Study will look at their individual approach to curriculum design processes.


  • Theoretical framework and/or research world view — what’s your lens for examining this digital learning project?

The qualitative survey will look at the instructional designer’s theoretical framework. Additional questions will discuss their philosophical worldview.


  • Target audience and/or specific sample population or documents

I will be interviewing 8-10 instructional designers who are currently developing curriculum content used to support technical training in a manufacturing environment.


  • Research questions you want to ask; what will you be investigating

Some of the questions will be:

What is your level of experience in designing curriculum?

What is your philosophical worldview?

What is your preference for F2F, online, OJT instructional design(s)?

Have you considered instructional design(s) for multi-use?


  • Research Methods — how will you collect this information

I will develop a 10 question open-ended qualitative survey/questionnaire that I will use to interview each of the 8-10 instructional designers.

After completing the interview process a qualitative analysis will be conducted to provide an overview out-brief of the study as it relates to supporting a multi-use curriculum in a manufacturing environment.



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