CECS 5110 – Week 9 Blog Reflection

What have you learned thus far about designing instruction from a multiple media perspective? How do you think the use of audio-visual instruction will benefit teaching and learning? What do you think will be potential issues with the use of audio-visual instruction? How do you think it will impact your teaching and learning?

The right and balanced approach to using the different multimedia types in instructional design is critical in designing effective instruction.  In the different assignments where I had to use on form or the other of text or visual content, the task was difficult to accomplish.  There was much more analysis required to assure the student would receive the intended instructional content.

Once the pre-instructional design effort has been performed, the course designer will need to assess the best multimedia type in the course design.  The correct use of text and visual content will provide the best balanced and efficient instructional delivery.  In todays high-end technology driven environments instruction efficiency is critical as each of us continuously deal with information overload.


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