CECS 5110 – Week 7 Blog Reflection

How do you think the use of audio-only instruction will benefit teaching and learning? What do you think will be potential issues with the use of audio? How do you think it will impact your teaching and learning?

What do you think is helpful about using audio? how do you think it differes from using images and text?


The audio-only instruction process is beneficial in many ways.  The use of audio instruction has been a mainstay in education for many centuries.  The instructor gave a lecture to the class on various subjects and many times there were references to textbooks and images.  This instruction occurred in the traditional face-to-face classroom environment.

With the addition of computer and digital technology audio is now portable to wherever the point of delivery is needed.  A deficiency with the audio-only delivery methodology is the capability of the audio instruction to successfully transfer the knowledge content to the student.  The assignments and readings for this course has helped me to focus on the actual content of the audio to assure that the correct content is delivered.  There is a place for audio in the delivery of instructional content, but I think the blending of the right multimedia content is needed for a successful transfer of knowledge.


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