CECS5110 – Week 12 Blog

What have you learned thus far about designing instruction from a video media perspective? What was beneficial? What was difficult? How did it change the way you think about learning and teaching?

What is helpful about using video versus a single medium for delivering instruction?


The use of video media in instructional design is that it is inclusive of most of the other multimedia forms. The video can include text, images, audio, and video-in-video. Whatever can be recorded on video can be utilized to create instructional content. The content can be modeled like a traditional face-to-face classroom or include many media forms. With the right mix all of the instructional content can be captured on video.

The difficulty in doing this assignment was attempting to use several new Acrobat applications without any prior knowledge of the functionality. Had I had some experience in using the products I think the overall outcome would have been significantly different. I think that I was not as effective with the instructional design area because I spent most of my time trying to figure out how the use the application. I think that the Master’s degree program ought to have prerequisites requirements for the students to have experience using the applications so that students can focus on the course objectives.

The use of the video media allows the instruction to be created once and reused over-and-over as needed until there is a requirement to revise the course. The big benefit of using video is that its content can include many multimedia forms all combined in the video. The instructional designer and instructor now have a wide range of multimedia types to include in the video course content. The other media forms (text only and audio only) were very restrictive and would have required much more development to meet the course objectives.


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