CECS5110 – Week 10 Blog

What is different about developing instruction with both images and audio combined? Is it more efficient? Do you think about how you instruct someone differently? Are there limitations? Benefits? If so, what are they?

The combination of audio and images provides additional capabilities than either media type alone. The audio in combination with images allow for an expanded capability in the instructional delivery. Caution is needed during the instructional design so that a marginal product is not rolled out for instruction. Instruction that is poorly designed will have the same effect regardless of the media form used.

If the design of the instruction is based on the due diligence of the designer, to perform the requisite analysis, the odds are high that an effective product will be developed. A well designed course will be both effective and efficient as the objective outcomes will be met for the instructor and the student. An additional perspective concerning the course development is the consideration of the variation of the student needs.

There is a wide range of learning styles in students. There is a wide range of teaching styles in instructors. Customizing instructional designs for each student is not effective nor efficient using today’s technologies. This dilemma requires course designers to ensure the course content matches the defined objectives. Attention is required to create the right content that is appropriate for the intended audience.


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