CECS 5110 – Week 8 Blog Reflection

What is different about developing instruction with audio? Is it more efficient? Do you think about how you instruct someone differently? Are there limitations? Benefits? If so, what are they?

The use of audio in instructional design is just one aspect of the variety of multimedia forms. If audio is the only media form used in instruction, the success or failure of the instruction will depend on the presentation content. If general information is being presented, then the transfer of knowledge may realize a successful outcome. If complex details are being described using an audio only presentation, the outcome may have mixed results or could be a total failure.

The traditional face-to-face classroom environment utilized audio instruction for the majority of the lecture time. Over time additional media was added to the curriculum which included images, videos, and online content. As institutions migrated their instructional content to the web, the instructional designers expected an increase in knowledge transfer. The research “found no significant differences” (Barron, 2004, p. 955) between classroom and online courses. The research results were received with mixed feelings.

I think that effective instructional design must be developed based on the needs and gap analysis as well as the specifics of the knowledge transfer. The use of audio only instruction has limitations depending on the instruction content. The instruction designer must consider the content, method, and media forms used in the course content.


Barron, A. E. (2004). Auditory instruction. Handbook of research on educational communications and technology, 2, 949-978.


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