CECS 5110 – Week 5, Activity 3, Blog

What have you learned thus far about designing instruction from a multiple media perspective? How do you think the use of visual-text instruction will benefit teaching and learning? What do you think will be potential issues with the use of visual-text instruction? How do you think it will impact your teaching and learning?

What do you think is better about using both images and text? What not? How do you feel about using multiple forms of media instead of a single medium for delivering instruction?

The use of multimedia is much more powerful than using text or visuals alone.  Although text or visuals alone can be used to communicate the intended information.  The multimedia content muse be carefully selected as it can undermine the purpose of the instructional design.  The designer must do the research to determine the most effective approach to the audience and the conveyance of the subject materials,

The instructor and student can be very successful with the properly developed instruction.  The visual-text content can be utilized in many venues of instruction.  These venues include traditional face-to-face classroom, synchronous, and asynchronous training environments.  If the content is digital there is flexibility in the availability and portability of the instruction.

Some of the potential issues related to visual-text instructional design is in the development of the course content.  Issues to avoid is outdated instructional content, not understanding the targeted audience, and the content being too complex.  The pre-development design activity should include the necessary research to fully understand the population of students that will be taking the course.  Additional considerations include the constant changes in technologies and whether the course content is revised to match these changes.  If the learner does not see the significance of the course content then it won’t be utilized.

I like the use of both the visual and text content in an instructional design.  One of the issues that I have with the visual design is the appearance of the complexity of the applications used to create the content.  Over the years I have used visual designs using preexisting images that I modify to fit the instruction or I have created my own images using simple paint programs.  The Adobe suite of applications has been difficult to pick up when the application(s) are introduced and used in a short time frame.  In order for me to complete some of my assignments I had to use application textbooks or YouTube videos to understand how to do some of the basic functions.  I think that the course content for CECS 5110 would be more effective if there were prerequisites to know the basic functions of the Adobe products.


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