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The use of color theory and visual design is critical as it relates to instructional design as well as creating an internet website. Both of these elements interact directly in that without taking the concepts into account the effectiveness of the instructional design is at stake.   The studies in color theory and visual design are designed to provide guidelines for the developer to follow in order to have a predictable outcome of their product. Ignoring these researched findings can result in a design disaster of a wild and crazy outcome.

The color theory and visual design concepts provide the measures to develop a balanced outcome. The color designs need to be checked so that there are unnecessary distractions for the user of the design. The color design needs to use the suggested combinations in order to establish a visually appealing image. The visual design concepts are provided to give balance to the image. Overall these concepts are available for instructional designers, internet designers, advertisement designers, as well as artist to provide the necessary guidelines for designs with effective outcomes. The better the overall design the higher the engagement of the user.


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