Week 1 Blog Post

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  1. What do you think you already know about the use of media for learning and teaching?

When I was teaching the electronic courses the textbook was the primary source of information.  The courses were developed years ago and have retained the same format from those early years.  These courses have been standardized for a long time.  The syllabus, handouts, and tests have been the same for years as developed by the original instructors/professors at the school.  I did use some media while teaching but it was limited.

  1. Discuss some examples of instances in which you have used media to teach or learn personally and how effective you found it to be.

When I first started teaching electronics the media options were limited.  I used pre-printed view graphs on the overhead projector.  After using this method I eventually transitioned to using power point slides to accomplish the same task.  The students were glad as I was able to email the presentations to them for each class.  These presentations were helpful as study aids.   In some of the classes I showed some website links that focused on specific electronic topics.


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